It is a lightweight program that will help you quickly find the files you need
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SwiftSearch is a simple and handy application that offers a better alternative than the Windows' default file search function. It comes with a few important advantages that make it a remarkable file search solution. First of all, it's really fast. It's undoubtedly important that when you're looking for a file in your Windows system, you don't spend several minutes until you find that file.

SwiftSearch takes only a few seconds to show you accurate search results, even when scanning large drives. Its speed comes from the fact that it doesn't have to previously index the drives, as other file searching tools do. Since SwiftSearch bypasses the file system and reads the file table directly, it achieves impressive search speeds. Unfortunately, this also means that only the NTFS file system is supported, but that's not such a big deal considering that this is the most frequently used type of file system nowadays anyway.

Second, as I've just mentioned, it's precise. It provides accurate results regardless of what you're searching for. Furthermore, thanks to its straightforward interface, even complete beginners can use it without any problem.

Another cool thing about this tool is the fact that it is also very simple, neat and lightweight. It won't slow down your system, not even when performing intricate searches. Some handy additional features are also supported, such as path-based searches and regular expressions.

Last but not least, this awesome little tool is also completely free. As you can see, it comes with a lot of benefits and no major disadvantage, so it's clearly worth at least a try.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free
  • Neat and lightweight
  • Incredibly fast
  • Accurate
  • Supports regular expressions


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